• Telesto IoT Solutions was founded in 2017.
  • Team inherits the expertise from its involvement in number of EU-funded projects.
  • The company provides state-of-the art solutions in the area of Internet-of-Things (IoT) including computer vision,  ways for retrieval, dynamic composition and use of sensor generated data.
  • Fields of applications include (1) Maritime safety; (2) Critical Infrastructure Security; (3) Crowd safety; (4) eHealth
  • R&D Projects
    • Participate in R&D projects that lead to exploitable results
    • End users are heavily involved (CI, Cities, Cruise industry)
    • We attract top level researchers who help us form dev team(s)
  • Prototypes à Applications
    • Our involvement in R&D allowed us to reach new* markets (Cruise Industry, Critical Infrastructures)
    • These new markets now account for >50% of our income
    • Overall new products account for >65% of our income


Participating in several WPs and Tasks:

  • WP1 – Project coordination and management
    • Leading T1.3 – IPR and Innovation management
  • WP2 – Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation
    • Contributing in T2.1 – Project communication
    • Contributing in T2.3 – Business and exploitation plan
  • WP4 – Design, Development and Delivery
    • Leading T4.2 – Data analysis and sharing
    • Contributing in T4.3 – RRML integration and realization
  • WP5 – Integration, testing and demonstration
    • Contributing in T5.2 – Logistics – ways and means –
    • Contributing in T5.3 – Training
    • Contributing in T5.4 – Rehearsals
    • Contributing in T5.5 – European exercise – Stage 1 “Hard Winter”
    • Contributing in T5.6 – Worldwide exercise – Stage 2 “Pre-emptive”
  • WP6 – Future concepts
    • Contributing in T6.1 – Development of pandemic testing response playbook
    • Contributing in T6.3 – Capacity building and maintenance
    • Contributing in T6.5 – Policies standards and protocols

Team Members

Dimitris Drakoulis
Project Manager Project Manager Project Manager
Chrisostomos Symvoulidis (PhD Cand)
Project Manager