JUR Profile

  • Based in Belgium
  • JUR + RISK
    • Started from legal aspects on risk management
    • Evolved to policy, legal, ethical aspects of disaster risk management & resilience
    • 2004-2008 PhD on how to deal with complexity and uncertainty
    • Combining 3 disciplines: OSH – Occupational + Disaster Risk Mgt + International Security (arms trade)
    • FP7 (CascEff), H2020 (E2mC, eNOTICE, Shotpros), DG Home (Qroc), DG ECHO (Modex), DG ENV, DG ENTR (consultant)
  • JURRISK’s expertise covers transdisciplinary research, advice, lectures and publications, compliance and impact assessments; comparative analyses; policy, ethical and legal recommendations; networking, KPI-based performance and quality management.
  • JURIS refers to the legal aspects to deal with societal threats, risks and disasters (regulations and liability). From a systems-based perspective, legal aspects are considered in a continuum policy – ethics – law – soft law – self regulation – other regulatory instruments. 
  • The thematic areas covered are civil security (or disaster risk management or public safety and security), occupational safety and health and international security (international trade of arms and strategic weapons).
  • From a transdisciplinary approach, these are distinct disciplines yet with common aspects, links and synergies.

JUR role in ONELAB

Main tasks

  • WP1: Project Management
    • Contribution in T1.4
  • WP2: Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation
    • Task leader T2.5 Policy, legal and ethical aspects of pandemic responses mass community testing
  • WP3 leader – Synergy and network integrations
    • WP3 Task leader T3.1 ONELAB CONOPS
  • WP6: Future Concepts
    • Contributing in all Tasks

Team Members

Director Director Director
Kathleen Van Heuverswyn