ISIG Profile

  • Based in Gorizia, created in 1968
  • Independent research institute recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research.
  • Expert for the Council of Europe – Centre of Expertise for Good Governance and for the Steering Committee for Education
  • Main activities include: Scientific and action – research, Policy support to local communities, national and international institutions, Consultancy and project making in several EU funding strands (H2020, HEU, CREA, ERASMUS+, INTERREG, CERV).
  • Main areas include: good governance, civil participation, security, privacy and ethics, vulnerability & resilience assessment, cultural development, territorial planning and risk management.


  • WP1 – Task 1.4 – Legal and ethical framework
    • Legal and ethical framework of ONELAB. 
    • To establish the project ethical and legal guidelines (including Ethics Check lists and self-assessment tools for partners, in order to inform and support the activities performed in other WPs). This task is also about establishing an Ethics board for ONELAB and the preparation of the DMP and DPIA of the project.
  • WP2 – Task 2.2 – Citizen scientist – Misinformation and trust
    • Analysis of citizens’ perception, acceptance, awareness and trust of disease detection testing and its perceived impact and effectiveness (i.e engagement model for the development of context-based engagement strategies, a survey to be
      disseminated in project’s countries and organise workshop with civil society representatives).
  • WP2 – Task 2.5 – Policy, legal and ethical aspects of pandemic responses mass community testing
      • Adopting a top-down perspective providing an overview on International, EU and national policy documents, legal
        requirements and ethical principles related to pandemic mass community testing.
    • WP3 – Tasks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3
      • Define your terms and CONOPS Evaluation
      • Evidence based Gap analysis
      • Analytical target profile
    • WP6 – Tasks 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4
      • Development of pandemic testing response playbook
      • Assessment and capability framework
      • Capacity building and maintenance
      • End-user syllabus and professional development materials

Team Members

ISIG Director ISIG Director ISIG Director
Daniele Del Bianco
ISIG Director
ISIG Deputy Director ISIG Deputy Director ISIG Deputy Director
Ramona Velea
ISIG Deputy Director
ISIG Researcher ISIG Researcher ISIG Researcher
Marina Andeva
ISIG Researcher
ISIG Deputy Director ISIG Deputy Director ISIG Deputy Director
Olivia Ferrari
ISIG Deputy Director
ISIG Researcher ISIG Researcher ISIG Researcher
Riccardo Laterza
ISIG Researcher
ISIG Researcher ISIG Researcher ISIG Researcher
Lorenzo de Sabbata
ISIG Researcher