IANUS Profile

  • SME based in Cyprus, founded in 2019
  • Conducts research in a number or research areas with more active participation in the security domain.
  • Develops innovative technology solutions and concepts based on research outcomes.
  • Actively participating in the preparation of research proposals and the implementation and management of all aspects of European-funded research projects.


IANUS currently participates in seventeen (17) research projects:

  • Ten (10) projects in Fight Against Crime and Terrorism (FCT HORIZON and HORIZON EUROPE)
  • Two (2) projects in Internal Security Funding Police/DG HOME
  • Two (2) projects in cybersecurity
  • Two (2) projects in Disaster Resilient-Society (DRS)
  • One (1) EDF project under the EDF 2021 program.


IANUS is the Work Package Leader for WP2; Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation. Within this WP, IANUS aims to disseminate the project and its outcomes to an audience beyond the ONELAB consortium community. 

IANUS is also contributing in other WPs as Task Leader and Task Contributor;

  • WP1: Project Coordination and Management
    • Task leader for T1.2 – Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment
    • WP2: Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation – WP leader
      • Task leader for T2.1 – Project Communication
      • Task leader for T2.3 – Business and exploitation plan
  • WP3: Synergy and network integrations
  • WP5: Integration testing and demonstration
    • Task leader for T5.3 – Rehearsals
    • Task Contributor for T5.2, T5.3 and T5.6
  • WP6: Future Concepts
    • Task contributor for T6.2, T6.3 and T6.4

Team Members

Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry
Dr Andria Hadjithekli
Analytical Chemistry
Computer Engineering & Informatics Computer Engineering & Informatics Computer Engineering & Informatics
Eirini Barri
Computer Engineering & Informatics