HRC Profile

  • Founded in 1881 
  • 20 branches across Hungary
  • 1,496 units
  • Core activities include:


  • Disaster Management
  • Social Support
  • First Aid
  • Blood Donation
  • Restoring Family Links
  • Youth Programs
  • International Humanitarian Law

HRC role in ONELAB

HRC – involved in end-user tests. More specifically HRC is a contributor in the following WPs and Tasks:

  • WP2  – Providing feedback and experience from communication during COVID
    • Project communication, 
    • Citizen scientist – Misinformation and trust
    • Worldwide pandemic community-testing forum, 
    • Policy, legal and ethical aspects of pandemic response mass community testing, 
  • WP5 – Supporting the assessment of the system and development of processes
    • European exercise – Stage 1 „Hard Winter”
    • Worldwide exercise – Stage 2 „Pre-emptive”
  • WP6 – Contribution to the development of futureconcepts
    • Assessment and capability framework
    • Capacity building and maintenance
    • End-user syllabus and professional development materials

Team Members

Head of Disaster Management Head of Disaster Management Head of Disaster Management
Dr. Brigitta Sáfár
Head of Disaster Management
Project Manager Project Manager Project Manager
Ms. Dóra Wenczel
Project Manager
Financial Manager Financial Manager Financial Manager
Ms. Gabriella Suba
Financial Manager
Health Coordinator Health Coordinator Health Coordinator
Ms. Anikó Kériová
Health Coordinator