HASS Profile

  • Capital of the province of Limburg, Belgium
  • Local authority
  • Population: +/- 80.000
  • Size: 102,24 km²
  • Responsible for the city’s emergency planning and crisis / disaster management
  • The mayor’s advisor and therefor prepare, implement and evaluate the city’s policy on this topic, together with local, regional and national crisis professionals (police, medical services, firefighters, military services,…)
  • Responsible for the management and coordination of the COVID19 pandemic in the city of Hasselt, including the establishment and organization of an intermunicipal vaccination centre (for +/- 125k citizens)


We are contributing in the following WPs and Tasks for the ONELAB project:

  • WP2 – Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation
      • Citizen scientist – misinformation and trust
      • Worldwide pandemic community testing forum
      • Policy, legal and ethical aspects of pandemic responses mass community testing
  • WP5 – Integration testing and demonstration
      • Worldwide exercise – Stage 2 “Pre-emptive”
  • WP6 – Future Concepts
      • Development of pandemic testing response playbook
      • Assessment and capability framework
      • Capacity building and maintenance
      • End-user syllabus and professional development materials

Team Members

Project Manager (SPOC) Project Manager (SPOC) Project Manager (SPOC)
Kelly Feytens
Project Manager (SPOC)
Junior Project Manager Junior Project Manager Junior Project Manager
Gijs Hendriks
Junior Project Manager